Presta Schrader Valve Adapter


Presta Valve Adaptor – Presta Schrader Valve Adapter – Presta Valve Adapter Bike Pump

  • Now you can can inflate your tires with Presta Valves using any “standard” Schrader Valve bike pump. You can use one inflator adapter for all your bikes with Presto Valves and also leave one in the garage with Air Compressor.
  • These Bike Adaptors are so light and can be left on the Presta Valve. That’s a time saver if you are using a compressor to inflate your tires. No need to remove the Shrader Adapters.
  • Presta Valve will be the proper bike pump attachment to air up tire inflator adaptor.
  • Bike Pump Adapter will make Life Much Simpler. Ball Pump Inflator Needle for exercise ball.
  • Presta Valve pump adapter made Quality Aluminum alloy with rubber ring seal.

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Black, Silver


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