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Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Kit


  • FLINT FIRE STARTER really easy to use and most definitely works as well. Ferrocerium Rod and double-sided fire steel scraper will last for over 16000 strikes.
  • EMERGENCY FOIL BLANKET used them for marathon – emergency blanket for car – winter thermal blanket camo – solar blanket blocking. Reflective blanket mylar for camping – army travel backpacking.
  • WATERPROOF FIRE STARTER keychain with compass and emergency whistle for also could be life-savers in true survival situation. Fire starter match sticks compact lightweight multitool for outdoor bag.
  • SILVER RESCUE BLANKET extra large pack of 5 measures 52″ length x 84″ width height. Nasa blanket reusable for runners – sleeping bag & poncho – portable tent for all-weather conditions.
  • FLINT FIRESTARTER survival sticks with fire striker pocket knife for magnesium block – campfires and bushcraft.

2 reviews for Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Kit

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