Blue Compass


Orienteering Compass – Boy Scout Compass for Kids – Hiking Compass Waterproof – Map Compass for Orienteering – Navigation Compass for Boy Scout Survival Kit – Compass Backpacking Camping Motoring

  • Magnetic Compass with Azimuth Bearing and 360 degree rotating bezel. Backpacking compass for cartographic map navigation and reading with Field Compass located Magnifying Glass – Compass Ruler.
  • Lightweight Compass for Hiking Backpacking. Good choice Cub Scout compass for Kids. Mini compass Best Gifts for Beginners Boy Scout Boys and Girl.
  • Hand held Compass with magnetic needle and directional arrow, orienting lines compass and lanyard.
  • Professional Waterproof Compass for Camping – Orienteering – Hiking – Hunting – Survival – Navigating – Mountaineering – Outdoors.
  • Travel Compass great come up navigational, orientating map and backpackers for men and compasses for kids.


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